Life is about more than survivng.

Every human being feels the draw to beauty and the good,

to live a full life.

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What we do

There’s much going on in the life of Blackwood Church of Christ! Follow the links to find out more about our Sunday morning worship service and the different programs we run (community meals, friendship club, youth groups and creches).

The church is called to think beyond its walls, and in this regard we’re happily a part of the Mitcham Hills Inter-Church Council. we host the Council’s emergency assistance program, Beacon every Wednesday morning between 9am and 1pm.

We support the Pastoral Care Worker (formerly ‘Chaplain’) at Hawthorndene Primary School and provide several Kids Hope mentors for students at the school.

Our members are encouraged to live kindly and generously, to do all they can to make a difference in our world. As a church, we have relationships with the Australian Refugee Taskforce, as well as and churches and agencies in Vanuatu.

Why we do what we do

Most people want to live a full life, but we believe real life is not to be found merely in ‘things’ and entertainment. True life comes by understanding how we relate to the God who made the universe. It is God who makes sense of our world, and the example of his Son, Jesus, that shows us what it means to be fully human.

This life isn’t about looking out for ourselves or getting whatever we want (when has that ever worked?), it’s about putting ourselves second and committing to something bigger than us, bigger than any of us: God and his love for the world.

That’s something you can only experience and achieve in a community of people who are seeking it alongside you. That’s why Blackwood does what we do: we exist as a community to encourage one another, to point each other towards the sort of life Jesus lived and to celebrate together the life we’ve been given.

To find out more about Blackwood Church of Christ, including our childsafe policy, download our app via iTunes.

We have an App

Our app is the best way to keep in touch with us. It’s there you’ll find up-to-date news about the life of the church, information about the events we run and audio from our worship services.

Download the app from the iTunes or Google play store.

About Churches of Christ

Blackwood is a member of Churches of Christ in SA&NT. Like many Churches of Christ, we believe that God has called everyone – not just paid ministers – to be involved in the life of the church. We are led by an elected group of Elders who work with our ministers and on behalf of the whole congregation.

You do not need to be a member to be a part of Blackwood. Membership is on the basis of baptism and can be ‘transferred in’ from another church. Our weekly taking of communion is open to anyone who wishes to accept Jesus’ invitation to do so.

For more information on Churches of Christ, click here.

Other key questions

If you have any enquires about building hire, weddings, funerals, pastoral care or if you want to speak to a minister, we’d love to hear from you.

Meet Our Staff

Graham Agnew

Ministry Team Leader

Graham has extensive experience in ministry, leading churches for over 40 years. He loves helping ordinary people discoer the difference faith in Jesus can make in all aspects of life.

James Bowden

Associate Minister

James and his wife, Carly, have one toddler and one on the way. They’re passionate about the church living out its life as God’s new family and eager for people to know the joy that comes from experiencing Jesus’ different way to live.

Chris Haysman


Chris is our lovely, hardworking administrator. She is not only great organising the behind the scenes running of the church, she does it with a smile and a great deal of care for those with whom she works.